If small molecules and biologics are tools, then cells are carpenters — and architects and engineers as well - Michael Fischbach PhD


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Will Cell Therapy Become a 'Third Pillar' of Medicine?

Today, biomedical science sits on the cusp of a revolution: the use of human and microbial cells as therapeutic entities,” said Wendell Lim, PhD, a UCSF professor and director of the UCSF Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology, and one of the co-authors of an article published online April 3 in Science Translational Medicine.

Treating patients with cells may one day become as common as it is now to treat the sick with drugs made from engineered proteins, antibodies or smaller chemicals, according to UC San Francisco researchers who have outlined their vision of cell-based therapeutics as a “third pillar of medicine.”Cell therapies have the potential to address critical, unmet needs…

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