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Skeptics, Get Ready: Does This New Study Prove That Acupuncture Really Works?

Whether you’re a skeptic or a true believer in the efficacy of acupuncture, a new study about the ancient practice is worth considering. Researchers described a mechanism that could theoretically result in pain relief from inserting needles into a willing patient’s skin, provided that a specific technique is used (which is to say, not just any so-called acupuncturist can pull it off).

As a matter of full disclosure, I’m skeptical that acupuncture provides anything but a reliable placebo effect. Until now I’ve yet to see credible evidence that something else is happening when the needles go in, aside from conjuring a potent dose of power of suggestion that the pain will subside.…

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 Skeptics, Get Ready: Does This New Study Prove That Acupuncture Really Works?

What the research team claims to have found is a significant increase in nitric oxide, which increases blood flow and could result in an analgesic effect. In any case, this study is at least a solid attempt at uncovering better evidence for why acupuncture is anything beyond an ancient placebo-effect delivery method. Whether it's convincing is another question.


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