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Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It's the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with - Adam Ant

Mental Health
Mental Health

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Effects of Facebook

According to Larry D. Rosen, PhD, professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, the effects of social media are becoming more and more visible.

Some of their findings suggest that the more time spent on Facebook is related to a greater tendency toward narcissistic behaviors among teenagers. Also, it has been discovered that young adults that spend excessive amounts of time on Facebook show more signs of other psychological disorders, including antisocial behaviors, mania and aggressive tendencies.

Additionally, studies have revealed that excessive daily use of social media can negatively affect the health of children, preteens and teenagers…

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 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Effects of Facebook

According to Larry D. Rosen, PhD, professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, the effects of social media are becoming more and more visible.


We really understand how devastating depression can be. Jobs come to an end, relationships break down and lives can be lost, all through the effect of depression. That’s why the work we do here at Blurt is so important – it not only changes lives, but saves them.


Hi, I'm Bill White, founder and producer of Chipur. In addition to being a mental health professional, I've wrestled with mood and anxiety challenges most of my life. That means I get it. Hundreds of helpful articles are waiting for you, so dig-in. Thanks for stopping-by.

The Talkspace Voice

Talkspace is one of the top mental health blogs around. The service aims to make therapy accessible and affordable, and shares useful and practical advice and tips on how to manage mental health through their blog - gigworker

Therese Borchard

Therese Borchard is Contributing Editor at HealthCentral and Associate Editor at PsychCentral. She is the founder of the online depression communities Project Hope & Beyond and Group Beyond Blue.

Bipolar Burble

A writer, speaker and social media consultant, Tracy uses her influence to discuss bipolar disorder. She has been dealing with it since she was 20 and often shares her stories to inspire and teach others. She writes on several blogs, all of which have gained recognition and awards - Joseph Rauch

Everything Matters Beyond Meds

This site documents and shares many natural methods of self-care for finding and sustaining health in body, mind and spirit. This blog also deals with wider issues in the socio/political and spiritual realms as they pertain to mental health and human rights issues surrounding psychiatry.

Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half is not really a web comic, but it isn't really a blog either. Basically, it has lots of pictures and words and it really tries hard to be funny.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Jessica Walsh is a graphic designer living in New York. After sharing her personal struggle and history with anxiety, depression, and eating disorders as part of a project entitled 12 Kinds of Kindness, she received messages from friends and colleagues regarding their own mental health battles. Now she’s created the blog Let’s Talk About Mental Health, where readers can submit their own stories. She turns them into beautiful graphics that she ultimately posts on Instagram - Greatist

Purple Persuasion

Mental health blog by a service user with bipolar disorder. Winner of the Mark Hanson Awards for Digital Media at the Mind Media Awards 2013 and the Mood Disorder category in the 2012 This Week in Mentalists Awards.

The Span of My Hips

Body love, mental health, and critical theory.

World of Psychology

World of Psychology is Psych Central’s premier and longest-running blog, focused on the expansive subject that is psychology, human behavior, mental health and illness, and the intersection of technology with all of these things.

Be The Best You Can Be

Resources for parents of children with cognitive or emotional-behavior disabilities including special education support. The focus is on resources and references near the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

Bipolar Notes from the Underground

journal in comic book form of a closet writer closet bipolar (manic depressive) woman who is off all medications trying to get pregnant and words of wisdom from her faithful canine companion elvis,an expert on how to live peacefully with the bipolar female.


The relationship between the body, the brain and the mind is complex and magnificent, which is why lots of people are investigating it. This website focuses on attempts to better understand the way the body, brain and mind interact.


Anthony Risser, Ph.D. is a consulting neuropsychologist. My interests include online applications in medicine, in professional training, and in undergraduate/graduate education.


The GNIF Brain Blogger covers topics from multidimensional biopsychosocial perspectives. It reviews the latest news and stories related to neuroscience, psychiatry, and neurology. It serves as a focal point for attracting new minds beyond the science of the mind-and-brain and into the biopsychosocial model.


Channel N showcases brain and behavior videos available online. Lectures, documentaries, art films, educational videos, user-generated public service announcements, and more. Since the videosphere can be hard to navigate – it’s not just YouTube – my job is to search, watch, review and share the best videos with you. Learn more about psychology, neuroscience, neurology, neuropsychiatry, info on specific disorders and treatments, and watch the web continue to evolve.

Counselling Resource

Looking at life through the prism of psychology, philosophy, mental health and more. Created by counsellor, psychotherapist and philosopher Dr Greg Mulhauser, with contributions by person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist Sarah Luczaj.

Deric's MindBlog

This blog reports new ideas and work on mind, brain, and behavior - as well as random curious stuff.

Doc GM Splash Fly

Thoughts and Creative Works by a person diagnosed with schizophrenia, as insight into this mental health issue. Using the pen name Doctor Goober Modesty with "The Fly" signature, it speaks!!! You can contact me through e-mailing me to influence subjects written about on schizophrenia or give me feed back and comments.

Dr. Deb

Current issues and articles that impact the human psyche will be presented here. The information provided in this blog is to be used for educational purposes only.

Everyone Needs Therapy

The blog is a reflection of multi-disciplinary scholarship, academic degrees, and all kinds of letters after my name to make me feel big. Psychoeducational and happy, I'll lecture at most sunny places, topic your choice.

In The News

Karen Franklin, Ph.D. is a forensic psychologist and adjunct professor at Alliant University in Northern California. She is a former criminal investigator and legal affairs reporter. This blog features news and commentary pertaining to forensic psychology, criminology, and psychology-law.

In Therapy

A user's guide to psychotherapy.

Love And Life Toolbox (formerly known as The Toolbox at offers tools for emotional and relationship health, honoring the interconnection between both.

Mind Hacks

Links to psychological goodness from all around the web - PsyBlog


This award-winning website is about scientific research into how the mind works. The studies I cover have been published in reputable academic journals in many different areas of psychology.

Psych Central

Welcome to the Internet's largest and oldest independent mental health social network created and run by mental health professionals to guarantee reliable, trusted information and support communities to you, for over 16 years.

Research Digest

The British Psychological Society's award-winning Research Digest blog provides original, authoritative reports on the latest psychology research papers. Plus we publish a few other fun features too. The Digest doesn't just pick up on the same studies covered by the mainstream media. The editor trawls hundreds of peer-reviewed journals looking for the latest findings from across the breadth of psychological science.

The Mental Elf

The National Elf Service’s ‘Mental Elf’ publishes evidence-based blogs on current mental health research and guidance. Posts are written by an expert team of mental health academics and practitioners - Blurt

The Neurocritic

Deconstructing the most sensationalistic recent findings in Human Brain Imaging, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Psychopharmacology.

The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

I’m Seaneen! This is my blog. It was started in 2007 after I was hospitalised and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I’m in the process of bringing back 4 years worth of archives, so bear with me! This blog is about mental health, as well as many furious, hastily typed and unspellchecked rants.

We're Only Human

Wray Herbert has been writing about psychology and behavioral science for many years. He has been a staff writer and editor for Science News, Psychology Today, US News & World Report, and Newsweek.

World of Psychology

World of Psychology is Psych Central’s premier and longest-running blog, focused on the expansive subject that is psychology, human behavior, mental health and illness, and the intersection of technology with all of these things. It

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