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7 Key Behaviors of People Who Make a Positive Difference In the World

Look around you and you’ll see three kinds of people — those who hate their work, and complain bitterly, those who just tolerate their work and see it as a paycheck and aren’t looking for more (or feel they can’t have more), and finally, those who love their work, and relish it. The third category is a small subset of all professionals globally, but this group stands out because these are, most often, the people who change the world for the better.

In my work as a success coach and writer, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with people who’ve made a true and measurable impact in the world, including well-known experts, authors, researchers, journalists, scientists, innovators, business…

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 7 Key Behaviors of People Who Make a Positive Difference In the World

It’s critical to note that people who’ve made a real difference aren’t all privileged, advantaged or “special” by any stretch. Many come from disadvantaged families, crushing circumstances and initially limited capabilities, but have found ways to pick themselves up and rise above their circumstances (and their genes) to transform their own lives and those around them.

Can one person make a difference? What the evidence says.

We learned that while many common ways to do good, such as becoming a doctor, have less impact than you might first think; others have allowed certain people to achieve an extraordinary impact. In other words, one person can make a difference, but you might have to do something a little unconventional.

Bogaletch Gebre, Foe of Female Genital Mutilation, Dies at 66

Through her efforts, the rate of female genital mutilation in the areas where KMG Ethiopia operated dropped to 3 percent from 100 percent over 10 years, according to a 2008 UNICEF study. In addition, some of these areas banned child marriage, bride abduction, polygamy and domestic violence. The UNICEF study recommended that the KMG model be replicated in other parts of Africa.

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Startups receive support from hospitals hoping to find ‘the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs’.

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Whether pushing the boundaries of what healthcare is or redefining the industry altogether, these brands are ones to watch.

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Dese'Rae L. Stage runs an online archive of portraits and interviews where suicide attempt survivors can share their experiences.

Trauma Surgeon Battles Bullets In The Operating Room And The Community

"The disease that bullets bring does not yet have a name. It's like an infection, because it affects more than just the flesh it pierces. It infects the entire family, the entire community. Even our country." Dr. Laurie Punch, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis

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