We’re very early in this. Imagine the internet in 1994. That’s where we are in blockchain - John Paller


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How to Make Millennials Actually Go to the Doctor

Recently in blockchain news, 50 Cent forgot he had Bitcoin and, by VICE’s estimates, is now standing on a $9.2 million cryptocurrency fortune. Maybe this means his tour of signing vodka bottles at your local liquor store is over. But there's much more than Bitcoin happening in the blockchain technology that made 50’s recent wealth possible. As companies look to the blockchain to trade stocks, create open market spaces, and even to get divorced, there’s another industry looking at utilizing blockchain technology: healthcare.

At its essence, the blockchain is just a record of transactions. It’s important to know that the blockchain record is public and decentralized. The transactions…

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 How to Make Millennials Actually Go to the Doctor

Blockchain might revolutionize our medical care.

Crypto Health Summit

Meet, Learn From, And Join The Exclusive Global Network Of Crypto, Blockchain, And Digital Health Innovators.

Many Scientific Studies Are Bogus, but Blockchain Can Help

The technology best known for enabling Bitcoin is ideal for sharing data securely so colleagues can assess new research claims.


MintHealth is a global, decentralized health platform that aligns healthcare stakeholders around the shared goal of patient empowerment and improved clinical outcomes, at lower costs.

SimplyVital Health

The secure new blockchain where patient data and healthcare professionals interact. Discover the transformative new way for patients and healthcare professionals worldwide to interact confidently and quickly through secure blockchain data storage and transmission.

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