Green technologies - going green - is bigger than the Internet. It could be the biggest economic opportunity of the 21st century - John Doerr


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How Green-Tech Is Eating the World

Most investors remember the late aughts “green-tech bubble.” Firms poured many hundreds of millions into failed clean and green technology companies, most of which failed badly. Investors retreated from the sector.

But now, green tech is eating the world, according to two prominent clean tech investors. On Tuesday, David Mount of Kleiner Perkins’ Green Growth Fund, and Gabriel Kra, founder of Prelude Ventures, discussed how the sector has evolved on stage at the Collision conference in New Orleans.

Companies from the 2008 greentech bubble “underestimated the amount it would cost to scale the technology, overestimated how eager consumers would be to pick up their products,…

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Last Updated : Sunday, February 27, 2022