Workplace Wellness

There are six components of wellness: proper weight and diet, proper exercise, breaking the smoking habit, control of alcohol, stress management and periodic exams - Kenneth H. Cooper

Workplace Wellness
Workplace Wellness

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What we can learn from the PepsiCo wellness study

Wellness enthusiasts and skeptics can find things to like in the PepsiCo wellness study, published recently in the journal Health Affairs.

Score one for the enthusiasts: Disease management reduced health care costs by $136 per member per month. Score one for the skeptics: Lifestyle management programs did not save money. But I don’t see the game ending in a tie. 

The study, conducted by RAND Corporation, has plenty to recommend it.  There were plenty of people in the sample: 14,455 participants in disease management, 22,880 in lifestyle management, and 9,324 in both. They had at least one baseline year and at least seven program years to analyze.  They used sophisticated…

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 What we can learn from the PepsiCo wellness study

Wellness programs are a complex physical-social-emotional-financial transaction. One study won’t end all debate. We can only welcome the new insight the latest studies bring us. Score one for all of us.

Employee Benefit News

EBN is the leading trade publication for benefits and HR professionals, who hold decision-making responsibility over benefits.

National Wellness Institute

The mission of the National Wellness Institute is to serve the professionals and organizations that promote optimal health and wellness in individuals and communities.


World-class wellness wherever you are. On-demand Massage, Pilates, Yoga, and Mindfulness. Be Refreshed.

Wellness Council of America

WELCOA's vision is to pave the way for employee wellness and organizational cultures by quantifying the real value of truly happy and healthy humans. WELCOA’s purpose is driven by the people impacted by workplace wellness programs.

Wellness Jackpot

Many wellness and disease management companies tout predictive modeling ROI. This all looks pretty on paper, but executives often ask “Are these numbers REAL?” Many executives would like to see results immediately versus waiting 2-4 years for some health outcomes. Wellness Jackpot takes a different, more convincing approach.

Corporate Health & Wellness Association

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA), also known as the Health and Wellness Association or the Corporate Wellness Association is the first national non-profit association focused on health, wellness, disease prevention and management for employers, employees and their families.


IDEO is a global design company. We create positive impact through design.


Orriant is designed to be a simple and easy to implement program. It lowers the cost for businesses by making the employees accountable for their lifestyle choices and rewards them for making good decisions that would lead to better health. Orriant is an opt-in program where employees commit to living healthier lifestyles and keeping fitness and wellness goals.


Our highly flexible solutions allow for efficient administration and management of customized wellness programs and member engagement strategies, while empowering individuals with a personalized health experience based on their risks and needs.


Empathia has been helping organizations and individuals be their best for over 30 years. Through dedicated staff, proprietary technology and time tested experience, we help foster well-being, heighten productivity, and resilience in the face of challenging circumstances.


Lead employees toward optimal health and performance with a better approach to corporate wellness.


Welcome to GlobalFit, the nation's leading provider of healthy living benefits, helping you and your family to get fit, feel better and live healthier.

Grand Rounds

Founded in 2011, Grand Rounds orchestrates the analytics, expertise, and technology needed to deliver positive outcomes and cost savings through its Outcomes Management platform. Grand Rounds dramatically reduces companies’ healthcare expenses and gets employees back to work sooner by providing accurate clinical diagnoses and proper options for treatments from the start.

Impact Health

Established in 1987, Impact Health offers a customized approach to onsite health screening services. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve tested more than 2 million people at approximately 10,000 locations around the world. We have worked with many Fortune 500 companies, most major pharmaceutical companies, national foundations, large retailers and major manufacturers.

Interactive Health

We help our clients lower health care costs and increase employee productivity through our comprehensive health and wellness solutions. Our proven results demonstrate early detection and identification of risk factors, coupled with immediate intervention and personalized health action plans, improve employee health and positively impact your bottom line.

Kinema Fitness

A corporate wellness company that brings people together to share in the joy of health and fitness.


We provide customers with meaningful results that significantly and sustainably improve quality of care and help lower costs, while working across the whole health system to provide effective and simple solutions.


PDHI is a technology services organization that develops and distributes the ConXus Platform for delivering workplace wellness and population-health-management programs.

Quest Diagnostics

Through our best-in-class employer population health solutions, employers have access to a variety of biometric screening options and health improvement programs. Additionally, employers can leverage our partners for health coaching, intervention programs, and connections to care.


SHINE connects forward-thinking companies with pioneering research to advance NetPositive sustainability and worker well-being in business. Our Well-being Survey helps pull back the curtain around the state of well-being of workers and how well-being affects business metrics such as retention, absenteeism, and productivity.

Sonic Boom

You see, we are one of the only pure-play health optimization companies out there. We aren’t a health plan trying desperately to prove that we can do wellness, too. We’re not a disease management company in disguise, nor are we a multi-billion dollar conglomerate from overseas trying to put our hands in the American pie. We are pure-bred lovers of health improvement. It’s in our DNA. We won’t compromise and won’t ever pretend to be something we’re not.

Tango Card

We help you deliver the right reward at the right time and in the right way to inspire happy employees and customers.

The Wellness Company

The Wellness Company provides wellness services to adults and children throughout the United States.

Wellness Coaches

Wellness Coaches USA, founded in 2002, is the pioneer, the most experienced and fully developed, and the leading national provider of onsite workplace wellness coaching and related services. We are distinguished in the workplace wellness marketplace by our consistent achievement of truly large-scale improvement in employee population health risk factors...

Wellness Corporate Solutions

Wellness Corporate Solutions builds customized, high-impact corporate wellness programs. You’ll see the results in your employees’ health -- and your bottom line.


Wellworks For You was created as a vehicle to assist employers in designing and implementing a comprehensive wellness program. We recognize that healthy minds and healthy bodies are the catalyst to a successful working environment.

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