Onsite Clinics

The way physicians provide healthcare is undergoing some seismic shifts, from walk-in doctor visits that treat patients where they work to clinics that provide services beyond the typical offerings - Joanne Finnegan

Onsite Clinics

image by: QuadMed Onsite Health and Wellness

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Walk-in Doctor Visits at Work? Welcome to the Office Health Center

On Wednesday mornings, Stephen Fealy, an orthopedic surgeon in New York, heads downtown to see his patients. But instead of going to his office, Dr. Fealy sees patients in theirs—at Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

He examines a couple of dozen Goldman employees, from managing directors to junior analysts and administrative assistants.

Dr. Fealy, a sports-medicine specialist with the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, works alongside several other physicians at the Goldman Sachs clinic on the 10th floor of the firm’s headquarters, near Wall Street.

Getting out of his hospital digs makes Dr. Fealy feel a bit like doctors of old who made house calls. Now, when employees…

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