Employee Healthcare Costs

Health care costs blunt the competitive edge of American entrepreneurs, from the auto industry to Internet start-ups - Tom Allen

Employee Healthcare Costs
Employee Healthcare Costs

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Forget Taxes, Warren Buffett Says. The Real Problem Is Health Care.

“The tax system is not crippling our business around the world.”

That was Warren E. Buffett, the chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, over the weekend at the company’s annual meeting, known as “Woodstock for capitalists.”

Mr. Buffett, in a remarkably blunt and pointed remark, implicitly rebuked his fellow chief executives, who have been lobbying the Trump administration and Washington lawmakers to lower corporate taxes.

In truth, Mr. Buffett said, a specter much more sinister than corporate taxes is looming over American businesses: health care costs. And chief executives who have been maniacally focused on seeking relief from their tax bills would…

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 Forget Taxes, Warren Buffett Says. The Real Problem Is Health Care.

Our bloated health care system, Mr. Buffett asserted, is the true barrier to America’s world competitiveness as well as “the single biggest variable where we keep getting more and more out of whack with the rest of the world.”

7 Ways to Reduce Health Care Costs for Your Organization

There are many contributing factors to rising health care costs – many of which an employer can’t control. However, there are things employers can do to help minimize what they pay to provide health care to their workers.

Health Care Cost Institute

Health care costs have increased three times faster than wages over the past decade, putting a strain on government resources, and employer and family budgets. Rising costs to finance Medicare, Medicaid and other public health programs are major contributors to the long-term fiscal challenges facing federal and state governments and centerpieces of today’s debate on proposals to reduce the deficit and cut government spending.


Helping nearly 10M employees, plan members and patients better understand their health, optimize their benefits, address critical care gaps, and improve health outcomes while helping to lower the cost of care.

Collective Health

Collective Health is creating the health insurance experience we all want and deserve. We’re starting by fixing what’s broken for US employers, who bear the brunt of most of our country’s private healthcare costs.

Grand Rounds

Founded in 2011, Grand Rounds provides an employer-based solution that gives employees and their families the technology, information and support they need to make life’s most critical choices—whether and where to receive medical treatment. The fastest way for employers to curb healthcare costs without cutting corners, Grand Rounds delivers enhanced patient outcomes and engagement to groups ranging from 1,000-member firms to Fortune 50 employers.


We relieve the pain of company health plan and benefits decisions. Save money and deliver better outcomes for everyone.


Whether you're an employer, payer or provider, or work in the public sector, OptumHealth can help meet your unique needs. Let us help you find the fully integrated program or stand-alone service that works best for you or your members.

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