Primary Care Clinics

Now a rarity, small primary care practices -- even those still thriving today -- risk succumbing to this tide of obsolescence, not unlike local department stores and indoor shopping malls - J. Stefan Walker MD

Primary Care Clinics

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Time Is Right for 24-hour Primary Care Clinics

Luke Fildes' painting The Doctor epitomizes the primary care physician that our younger selves aspired to become. That kind of doctor-owned practice is now slipping away as quickly as the business model supporting it.

Family medicine has been the most highly recruited specialty for more than a decade.( With demand and salaries for employed FPs continuing to increase, the prospect of starting or joining a private practice and treading water in a sea of acronyms (MACRA, HIPAA, HMO, ACO, etc.) for margins that barely cover overhead no longer makes sense to most family physicians. No wonder that in 2016, for the first time, the proportion of U.S. doctors who partly…

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