Biometry, the active pursuit of biological knowledge by quantitative methods – R.A. Fisher, 1948


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The Bioinformatics Organization, Inc. serves the scientific and educational needs of bioinformatic practitioners and the general public.


Biometrics is published quarterly in print and electronic form. The journal is a publication of the International Biometric Society, an international society promoting the development and application of statistical and mathematical theory and methods in the biosciences, including agriculture, biomedical science and public health, ecology, environmental sciences, forestry, and allied disciplines.


FindBiometrics, our latest launch, is responding to the rapid growth of the Biometric industry. A truly unique resource site, can guide novice and expert professionals through every aspect of finding a suitable Biometric solution for their enterprise.

Biometrics Institute

The mission of the Institute is to promote the responsible and ethical use of Biometrics and Biometric Analytics as an independent and impartial international forum for Biometric users and other interested parties


World leader in communication and technology media since 1982.

International Association for Indentification

One of the IAI's missions is to educate its members. The IAI is dedicated to continual improvement of forensic science and innovation utilizing the latest technical advancements in conjunction with basic forensic scientology.

International Biometric Society

The International Biometric Society is an international society promoting the development and application of statistical and mathematical theory and methods in the biosciences, including agriculture, biomedical science and public health, ecology, environmental sciences, forestry, and allied disciplines.

International Biometrics & Identification Association

IBIA advances the use of biometrics as the most effective and reliable means of ascertaining personal identity for the government, the commercial/private sector, and the consumer.

AFIX Biometrics

Our focus has always been on technology for automated fingerprint and palmprint identification. In law enforcement, especially forensics and investigation, the AFIX Tracker name is well known and respected.


Bio-key provides robust fingerprint solutions that deliver higher accuracy, and work with every device, platform and database.


Biometrika designs and produces biometric devices and systems for personal identification based on fingerprint recognition.


Cognitec Systems develops and markets face recognition systems based on the well-established and world-leading FaceVACS software technology.

Cross Match

Cross Match is a leading global supplier of high-quality, interoperable, biometric identity technologies. The company provides a wide range of products that establish and verify individual''s identities by capturing and processing their unique physiological characteristics.


Daon provides a fast, flexible and cost-effective way to implement identity-based solutions that meet the demands of ID programs in the 21st century.

Fulcrum Biometrics

Fulcrum Biometrics is a leading provider and distributor of multiple biometric identification technologies. The company's offerings include high quality biometric software development tools, hardware for capturing images and custom integration services for all types of identity management applications.


We are the leader in Augmented Identities in an increasingly digital world. An improved, adaptable, strengthened and sovereign identity ensures a safer world for everyone.

ImageWare Systems

Used worldwide for producing state-of-the-art secure credential and identification solutions, these solutions enable users to create custom card layouts with secure design features and capture text, images and biometric data.


We deliver fully functional, turn-key fingerprint recognition software that instantly integrates into third party programs, in many cases with no additional development or system upgrades required.

National Biometric

The mission of the National Biometric Security Project (NBSP) is to help government and private sector organizations protect the civil infrastructure by deterring attacks through the timely deployment of biometric technologies for identity assurance.


As a pioneer and leading provider of biometrics matching technology, NEC provides high performance, rock-solid multi-biometrics identity management solutions for the commercial and civil markets.


NextgenID is a manufacturer of threat-scalable, outdoor deployable, single and multi-modal biometric face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition access control systems utilizing ''best-in-class'' algorithms; integrated tailgating countermeasure; pedestrian and vehicular authentication and enrollment kiosks; Command Center Software.


Privaris focuses its technology expertise on the intersection of high security biometric applications and the individual's right to personal privacy.


Security that starts from your finger-tip

Biometrics: Are We Going Too Far?

You don't have to wear a tinfoil hat, be a civil liberties activist, a pro-business lobbyist, or even an entrenched deep-state spook to recognize that security, convenience and privacy are in a perpetual state of conflict.

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