The failure rates of transplants are high, and we don’t have enough organs. Bioengineering is definitely the long-term solution - Dr. Arthur Caplan


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Is Bioengineering More Efficient Humans the Solution to Climate Change?

Forget CFLs, hybrid cars, and organic jeans. Buying our way out of climate change — even if it’s green consumption — won’t get us far. We’ve got around seven billion people on Earth, more than double the population just 50 years ago, and that number keeps rising. Electricity and transportation aside, we humans collectively eat and drink a lot, and producing all of that food and water has a major impact on the climate. So, while we’re cutting our consumption in other areas, how to we reduce the carbon footprint of our own bodies?

A new paper, published in Ethics, Policy, and the Environment by NYU bioethics professor S. Matthew Liao, poses an answer: engineer humans to use less. The…

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Last Updated : Sunday, April 8, 2018