Microsoft & Healthcare

You've got a lot of companies that are producing a lot of devices and hospitals want that data... I think that Microsoft is attempting to figure out a way to make that easier. I don't think they're quite there yet, but I think there a huge opportunity there - Gregg Pessin

Microsoft & Healthcare

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Microsoft Makes a 16-billion Dollar Bet On Healthcare

For long, Microsoft and Apple have fiercely battled it out in the home computer space. And while they are still competitors in that field, their competition has extended to the healthcare field. However, their approach (and success) significantly differ.

Like while Apple was turning its Apple Watch into a point-of-care device, Microsoft seemed more focused on the enterprise side of things rather than the consumer side. Throughout 2020, the company strengthened its healthcare-related partnerships with healthcare organisations and research institutes.

Its recent moves indicate as much. Gregg Pessin, an analyst with Gartner, speculated at what those moves could mean. “You’ve…

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