IBM & Healthcare

If there’s one thing that this public health crisis has brought to light it is the ever essential role of IBM in the world. We are the backbone of some of the most critical systems of the world - Arvind Krishna

IBM & Healthcare

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IBM’s Moonshot Ambition In Healthcare

Back in 2015, IBM’s previous CEO, Virginia Rometty famously said that IBM’s “moon shot will be the impact we have on healthcare.” Under the Watson Health banner, the tech company has been leveraging its expertise in cognitive computing to assist medical decision-making. In its wake, Watson Health attracted several partners and made a series of acquisitions to forge ahead of its vision.

But in recent years, the tech giant’s moonshot ambition seems to have waned. It faced management issues and had to lay off part of its Watson Health workforce in 2018. After four years of working on a mission “to eradicate cancer” that cost over $62 million, the MD Anderson Cancer Center severed ties…

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