Facebook & Healthcare

I don’t think healthcare can do this alone. I don’t think tech can do this alone. I don’t think Facebook can do this alone. I think in order for this to work, everyone . . . has to come together - Freddy Abnousi MD

Facebook & Healthcare

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Is There A Place For Facebook In Healthcare?

Data privacy scandals, help in rigging elections, spreading fake news on COVID and vaccines: Facebook has been through a lot and users are not happy with the performance of the social media giant. However, Mark Zuckerberg’s company does not only have a political and social impact, but it’s also getting quite relevant in healthcare.

We looked around what Facebook currently does in healthcare and evaluated whether those are viable ways to follow in the future.

Facebook: from trust issues to healthcare

The social media machine built on “sophisticated, computer-driven engines for extracting users’ personal information and data trails“, found itself…

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