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Not simply 'news and conditions', HealthWorldNet evokes conversation and change on issues that matter by providing current and stimulating original content including access to the world's most organized and targeted resource. Our audience is broad-based including people with medical issues, those who simply want to stay healthy and anyone involved in the business of health.

People, professional or not, are thirsty for credible information – whether it’s about multivitamins, Zika or the latest food or app. But the world of health and medicine is vast and is constantly changing. Covering it and making a difference has been a challenge until now. And we don't just talk about changing the way health and medical content is delivered on the Internet, we are...

Health Entertainment Network features invocative visual media as well as Novateurs, a new web-series that highlights the lives of explorers and innovators that are striving to make the world a healthier place through the advancement of medicine, technology, science, art, music, and literature.

Where's Your Padloc? is our global campaign that increases public awareness about Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) along with expanding PAD accessibility 24-7. Our goal is to double the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest by 2020.

There's more to health than Dr. Google or WebMD. Who says you can't learn and be entertained at the same time! Harnessing the world of health and medical information on issues that matter, - Informed People, Healthier World

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